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 What is PVC?
Colourless, odourless and tasteless and inert in most environments PVC is a polymer derived from vinyl chloride monomer, a chlorinated hydrocarbon.
In polymerisation, smaller molecules called monomers, combine chemically to form large chain-like molecules called polymers. Polymers such as polythene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinylchloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) and nylon form the basis of many products. People also talk about Christmas tree as Xmas tree, contact us if you want to buy from Christmas tree factory, we produce PVC Christmas tree, artificial Christmas tree, we're big Christmas decoration tree manufacturer in China.

Origin of Christmas tree
The exact origin of the Christmas tree seems under debate, but it is safe to say that this symbol evolved from Pagan tradition.
The Norse pagans and Celtic Druids revered evergreens as manifestations of deity because they did not "die" from year to year but stayed green and alive when other plants appeared dead and bare. The trees represented everlasting life and hope for the return of spring.
The druids decorated their trees with symbols of prosperity -- a fruitful harvest, coins for wealth and various charms such as those for love or fertility. Scandinavian Pagans are thought to be the first to bring their decorated trees indoors as this provided a warm and welcoming environment for the native fairy folk and tree elementals to join in the festivities. The Saxons, a Germanic pagan tribe, were the first to place lights on the their trees in the form of candles. Christmas tree and Xmas tree produced by Christmas tree factory are for sale here, and PVC Christmas tree, artificial Christmas tree and Christmas decoration tree manufacturer in China. Ancient Romans decorated their homes with greens at the Festival of Saturnalia, their New Year and exchanged evergreen branches with friends as a sign of good luck. The first Christian use of the Christmas tree symbol on is credited to 16th century when devout Christians also brought decorated trees into their homes. German born Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, is credited with starting the trend in England in 1841 when he brought the first Christmas tree to Windsor Castle. Christmas tree shorten called Xmas tree, here is Christmas tree factory, produce PVC Christmas tree by artificial Christmas tree and Christmas decoration tree manufacturer in China.

While Europe had already been celebrating Christmas for some time, the first recorded sighting of a Christmas tree in America came in 1830's Pennsylvania. It seems a local church erected the tree as a fundraising effort. Xmas trees were generally not thought kindly of in early America, as many people saw them as Pagan symbols, which is in fact, their origin. By the 1890's, however, Christmas ornaments were being imported from Germany and Christmas trees were in high fashion.
While Europeans generally favored smaller trees about three to four feet in height, Americans, as usual, liked to do things big. Their trees proudly stretched from floor to ceiling. Popular ornaments with the German-Americans were natural items like apples, nuts, berries, marzipan and cookies. Popcorn, an American addition, eventually was added to the mix. Do you want Christmas tree that also named Xmas tree? Why not contact the Christmas tree factory, and PVC Christmas tree, artificial Christmas tree and Christmas decoration tree manufacturer in China?
With the advent of electricity, Xmas trees began to appear in town squares across America and the traditional "lighting of the tree" quickly became the official symbols of the beginning of the holiday season.
Toperfect's PVC Christmas tree

Thinking about having a most amazing Christmas? Christmas dinners, dancing, singing, drinking, parties and other wonderful things will make your Christmas exciting. But how can your Christmas lack a Christmas tree? Toperfect's PVC Christmas tree will certainly bring you much happiness to your Christmas. Just think about a dazzling PVC Xmas tree with all those decorations, tiny Santa Claus, snow flakes, colorful lights and so on, and that is the very Christmas atmosphere you need. Therefore, browse our PVC Christmas tree and give your Christmas a wonderful touch!
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