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The painter of porcelain uses ceramic paints which are made durable in the firing process. Actually, the paints are colored glass which is melted over or under the glaze. The decoration is thus permanently fused into the object. This peculiarity forces the porcelain painter into a very special way of painting which requires practice, skill, diligence, and experience. Porcelain painting involves artistic talent but is considered a handicraft. Over the centuries several specialties have evolved; in general, a distinction is made between painting over or under the glaze.

After the first firing the material has become hard but is still brittle and moisture absorbing. Only paints which can withstand the high temperatures of the glazing kiln can be hand-painted on this type of surface. The peculiarity of painting under the glaze lies in the technique, its mostly monotone execution, and its durability. The latter stems from the fact that the paint lies under the glaze and is firmly bonded to Weihnachtsgeschenk, Weihnachtsgeschenk für Ihren Freund.
The absorbent surface has to be hand-painted with great skill because a wrong stroke of the brush is difficult to correct. The paint represents a liquid paste that has been thinned with water and a syrup like agent. It is thinned further with water to make it suitable for application with a brush. The painter can vary the effect of the paint by adjusting its consistency.
The painter's brushes are somewhat stiffer than when painting on top of the glaze, since the rough porcelain surface wears them down faster.

Over-glaze Decorating
Porcelain paint has to be mixed with turpentine and painter's oil before it can be applied. This is done on a glass pallet. With the help of a spatula the paint (in powder form) is mixed with oil to a consistency that can be applied by brush on This apparently simple procedure already determines the success or failure of the painting process because the paint must have a certain consistency, otherwise it produces streaks (too dry) or remains sticky to long (too much oil). There also lurks the danger that the various layers of paint may dissolve each other.

After the paint has been brought to the right consistency, the painter draws the outline of the decoration onto the porcelain with a steel pen. Flowers, leaves, mystic animals, etc. take form under his skilled hands. Once the drawing has dried well, areas of emphasis and paint layers can be applied. These provide accents in the decor and determine the color scheme.
The painter has a selection of 160 colors at his disposal, some of which can again be intermixed with others. This provides him with a nearly unlimited choice of colors. Of course, he must be familiar with the mixtures and make sure that the piece he is working on will be in exact conformance with the original pattern. Copper colors are used quite frequently. Aside from their brilliance they have an important quality: They are transparent, somewhat like glass. Thus a drawing that has been covered with copper paints will become visible after firing.
Copper colors, however, have characteristics that bring complications for the painter because they produce stresses after the glaze is fired. To achieve the full brilliance of its color, a certain thickness of the paint is required which the painter has to apply in very thin layers, one on top of the other. If he fails to do this properly, the feared hairline cracks will appear after the firing, covering the hand-painted area like a net or even causing the paint to flake off..
Toperfect's hand-painted porcelain craft
Toperfect Crafts Factory provides exquisite hand-painted porcelain craft. Pictures of animals, flowers, and landscapes on the hand-painted porcelain craft are presented in strictly linear and decorative forms.Every motif is precisely delineated in its arrangement and color composition.

The division of these standardized scenes on the hand-painted porcelain craft on is accomplished by means of a handcut metal template, over which charcoal dust is powdered. This provides reference points to the painter, subsequently enabling him to paint the predetermined decoration freehand. Just browse Toperfect's hand-painted porcelain craft; you will be amazed at how wonderful and exquisite our products are.
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