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Difficulty of choosing a keepsake-souvenir
You know the drill. Your kids and friends want vacation keepsake-souvenirs, so you go into one of the shops and are faced with the same old plastic junk that you will know will be broken before you even start for home. If the item does make it home in one piece, it will be relinquished to a shelf where it will gather dust for years until everyone forgets where it came from (but no one wants to get rid of it). What your kids and friends need are some novel ideas for keepsake-souvenirs.
People have long been collectors and travelers. Both roles have been and continue to be modes in which humans make sense of the world. Travel and collecting have come together in an often problematic and sometimes troubling tangible manifestation known as keepsake-souvenirs on These hybridized and profoundly diverse goods appear everywhere, yet their reasons for production are always identical. As commercial objects, keepsake-souvenirs function as commodities intended to bring the producer profit.
Selecting the right things seem like a challenge at first, but let me assure you it's not as scary as it seems. General rules. The first thing to remember is that gifts don't have to be something excessively expensive. They are meant to be simply symbols of appreciation and something to remember you by. Good ideas for gifts might be some hand-made crafts, something representative of your culture or things that mean something to you personally. It is very common to baseball hats or bring t-shirts.

And there are other ideas for great keepsake-souvenirs. Here's a short list to get you started.

1. Postcards: Postcards are cheap and take up practically no room in your suitcase. Let your kids collect a few during your trip. At home they can decorate a shoebox to store their collection in and have fun sorting through them. You could even have your child mail one home to himself.

2. Magnets: Okay, they aren't really a novel keepsake-souvenir, but they take up very little space in your luggage and your kids can have fun searching for the magnet that best represents the trip. Plus, you'll be reminded of your trip each time you open the refrigerator.

3. Local Art: You can often find photographs and prints of local scenes created by area artists. These make great decorations for a child's room. If you'll be visiting an art museum during your trip, have your child pick out a postcard or print of his favorite painting to bring home and frame.

4. Keepsake-souvenir cups: If you're going to buy a keepsake-souvenir it can at least be useful. Cups emblazoned with your destination's name and images can be used long after the trip is done (and they come in useful during the trip as well). A favorite keepsake-souvenirs is the sparkly cup she got at Disney World with pictures of Mary Cassatt, Mary Cassatt paintings.

5. Books: Be on the lookout for picture books written by area residents or simple non-fiction books about the locale. For example, bookshops in Maine usually carry a good selection of books by Robert McCloskey, a local writer whose stories often take place in New England.
6. Stuff the kids made: Many restaurants give the kids crayons and paper to use while waiting, so you may end up with a keepsake-souvenir collection of decorated placemats by the trip's end. Jot the child's name and age on the back of the drawing and you'll have a nice memory to paste in a scrapbook.
7. Photos: Photographs are among most favorite keepsake-souvenirs. Take plenty, rotating photographers in order to get new perspectives. Take pictures of things your child may want to remember: the inside of your hotel room or rental house, the bed your child slept in, the playground near the hotel, road signs announcing your destination, anything that you think will jog their memory.

8. Edibles: They won't take up any space in your bag if you eat them right away, but it's more fun to bring them home. Locally made jellies, chocolates, hot sauce, anything the area is famous for are good candidates for edible keepsake-souvenirs. Visit a grocery store to find new items to try. My daughter still remembers the time in Nova Scotia when we bought ice cream with embedded maple leaves.

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