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Franz Marc of resin crafts of golden mouse


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resin decor art craft resin gifts

The mouse, or rat, is the first in the cycle of 12 animals representing years. The others are, chronologically, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig.
There are different explanations about their origin. A popular legend says, long ago, a certain god ordered all the animals to pay him a visit on New Year's Day, that is, the first day of the first lunar month. He said he would give the first 12 animals to come the title King of the Animal World and let each hold the title for one year. The 12 winners happened to be those mentioned above.
The New Year visit-to-the-god story explains how the unpleasant Mouse managed to become the first of the 12. As the story goes, when the Ox heard of the Gods decree, he said to himself: It's a long journey to visit that God. I am not a fast traveler and I'd better start early. So he set out on the eve of the Lunar New year. The Mouse heard the Ox and jumped onto his back, without being noticed. The Ox, sweating all over, was so glad to be he first to arrive at the God's place. But just as he was about to be the first to arrive at the God's place and just as he was about to express his New Year greetings to the God, the Mouse jumped down over the Ox's head and became the first to kowtow to the God. So he was appointed the first King of the Animals and consequently, the first of the 12 animals to designate years.
Toperfect's resin crafts of golden mouse
The mouse in the cartoon and Disneyland has won world popularity. Everyone loves Franz Marc, Franz Marc paintings. Toperfect provides resin crafts of golden mouse. Resin is a two-part material that when mixed together will herded into a plastic. When resin is poured into a mold, it will take the shape of the original molded object when it is cured.
resin decor art craft resin gifts
The 3 main types of Resins are Epoxy, Polyester and Poly-Urethane based. Each type of material requires a base and then an activator to be mixed to cause a chemical reaction. When the reaction is complete the casting can be removed from the mold for clean-up and use according to your needs. Most resins give off an odor that can be offensive, even it is used in open well-ventilated spaces. In the case of the Epoxy and Polyester resins the mixture can be tricky because the per cent of activator is usually different from the amount of the base. on Also it not unusual for this resin to take hours to set-up and sometimes a full 24 hours is necessary for complete curing. Polyester resins have the bad habit of staying quite sticky until the last possible moment during the cure process. One advantage of that these materials are they can allow longer working times after pouring the resin into a mold.
resin decor art craft resin gifts The resin crafts of golden mouse from Toperfect are of various designs and poses. Gold is the color that everyone likes. It is the symbol of riches and honors. Therefore having a golden mouse craft made from resin is a pleasant decoration. Furthermore, for the people who born in the year of rat, no gift is better than the golden mouse made from resin from Toperfect. So have a look at our product, and you are sure to find your very cute resin crafts of golden mouse.
This site is about Franz Marc, if need unique Christmas gift and oil painting, please contact us.

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