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Waterproof Strawboard Card Folder
Waterproof Strawboard Cup Mat
Waterproof Strawboard Formative Photo Frame
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Waterproof Strawboard Light
Waterproof Strawboard Sargent paintings
Waterproof Strawboard Pencil Vase, pen holder
Waterproof Strawboard Photo Frame
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Waterproof Strawboard Reticule
John Singer Sargent saving box, money box
Waterproof Strawboard decorative Slipper
Waterproof Strawboard slipper shoes
Waterproof Strawboard valentine pen holder vase
John Singer Sargent Christmas craft

Gift Ideas of John Singer Sargent magnetic accessories


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crafting paper arts and crafts for kid

crafting paper arts and crafts for kid
They cling securely to any steel surface yet are easily moved, affording maximum flexibility. They are great for use on Sargent, Sargent paintings.

Data cards come in pre-cut sizes and full sheets. Use data cards and insert headings with Magna Visual's magnetic cardholders to easily update and change information. Simply handwrite, type or print information on the data cards. Slide the information or heading into the cardholder. Managing information has never been easier.
Pre-Printed Insert Data Cards
The insert heading sets include days, months and numbers and are on perforated sheets. They can be used with Magna Visual's 1/2" and 1" magnetic and clear plastic open top magnetic cardholders. They are preprinted and slide into place providing legible information that is easily changed or updated.

Three different strengths... strong, stronger and strongest. Full Magnetic strips in rolls with an adhesive backing. Cut to size, remove the adhesive and stick to what ever you are going to apply the magnet to. Stick the item onto any filing cabinet, steel surface or magnetic whiteboard.

crafting paper arts and crafts for kid
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